Welcome to the media publisher branch of the Institute for Visual Ethnography


The online distribution platform for scientific and documentary films on DVD.

We publish non-fiction films from the thematic fields of culture (especially ethnography), history, the arts and pedagogy.
In our catalogue you will discover media that have won international awards as well as films by still unknown or young filmmakers whose works are now first published at the Institute of Visual Ethnography.


The new IVE Authors

Martine Journet, Bina Elisabeth Mohn, Sandra Eckhardt, Bjoern Reinhardt, Anna Schaefer, Eva Lipppold, Daisuke Bundo, Martin Gruber, Werner Wiedling, APCOB (Apoyo Para el Campesino-Indígena del Oriente Boliviano), Oliver Clark, Judith Pein, Pestalozzi-Froebel-Haus, Bao Jiang, and many others.